Carol Rauschenberger for Elgin City Council
Toward a Vibrant Future
Vote - April 4, 2017
Elgin has many attributes as a city that sets it up for success; good infrastructure, safe streets, great neighborhoods and a diverse community that attracts families. Located on a major highway, train line and airport gives Elgin an advantage for attracting businesses. The key to a vibrant future is city governance that serves its citizens first, uses limited resources wisely and plans now for decades ahead.
Once re-elected to Elgin City Council, I will continue to work hard to make Elgin a sustainable, diverse and vibrant community where people enjoy living and working. I am a good listener and will continue to reach out to the residents of Elgin by seeking their input. I am a team player and can work well with my colleagues on the council and with the Elgin City staff. I am an avid reader and researcher, often looking to other communities locally, nationally and internationally for solutions – though we are unique as a city many of the communities face similar problems, no need to reinvent the proverbial wheel.
I pledge: to fair taxing; to utilize our limited resources to maximize results while maintaining the level and quality of service to our citizens; to bring forward fresh ideas; to provide a balanced approach to ideas and decisions; and to be of service to the citizens of Elgin. I am proud of my thoughtful service to the city of Elgin in the last four years as a Council person and would like to serve another term. I humbly ask for your vote on April 4, 2017.
Carol Rauschenberger